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Young Andy and Andy Man



Andy Man's Equipment

ESP LTD 7 string guitar
Hughes & Kettner Vortex guitar amp
Ibanez Sound Wave 35 bass amp
DigiTech PDS 20/20
Boss Harmonist HR2
Young Andy's Equipment

Here's my equipment list.....
Expect some updates....
And as always, ROCK ON!! 
10"x 5" TAMA Snare
6", 8", and 10" REMO RotoToms
12"x 9" TAMA Tom (No Bottom Head)
13" x 10" TAMA Tom (No Bottom Head)
22" x 16" TAMA Bass Drum
-6" Sabian AA Splash
-7" Sabian Mike Portnoy Signature Splash
-8" Sabian AA Splash
-10" Sabian AA Splash
-14" Sabian AA Crash
-16" Sabian AA Crash
-17" Sabian AA Crash
-20" Sabian AA Medium Ride
-14" Sabian AA Sizzle Hats
-18" Sabian HH Chinese
-12" Sabian Mini China STACKED on a
-13" Sabian El Sabor Splash
-14" WUHAN China
-9" LP Ice Bell
Oh, yes...Cymbal update.
The hats are now 10"  Sabian AA Minihats
and the 10" splash is now stacked with a 10" Hand Hammered Sabian China Kang

The drum set is growing some more....HAHAHA!!

Two more toms were purchased today...and there are three cymbals in the mail...
Captain Salty - Our Mentor


Book 'em!


Andy Man and pet at the NAMM show........

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