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Captain Salty's review of the gig:

Their tones had bones. The sound moved the ground. Half the crowd thought they were too loud, that they'd gone astray and should go away, but there were others with lives to lead who got it all and enjoyed the deed. Dogs like it. Dogs don't lie. Is your dog a liar? Look at your dog. If he's a liar tell him to stop lying because lying is bad. More. There's more. What kind of lies would dogs say anyway? Like, that ain't my bone. That's Cheryl's bone.


Ya gotta always remember one thing - you must know that you matter. What you do matters. And, if you weren't here, being who you are and doing what you do, the world would be a lesser place.

P.S. Scroll down to feed and save critters in need......not to mention wilderness and rainforests!

Captain Salty - Our Mentor


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Thunder Lizards. first fans.......

Wolfie and Zippy have been hip to the jam that jams from the get-go.